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albi Highlights in 2006

Publié : dim. 15 oct. 2006, 5:57 pm
par daniel
March - release of our "news bulletin" : this "news bulletin" has a new presentation : it is now a brochure with more photographies a stronger brochure paper which provides a more professional look. In terms of contents this release gives a complete report of our annual information meeting held in December 2005.

March- participation to the "XXX journées francophones de Gastroentérologie" congress in Paris

End of March - Members meeting on the 27th of March 5:00 p.m.
- General and financial reports
- 2006 action plan and financial forecast
- Administration Council election

April : first release of a new albi publication: "Le point Recherche" ( the Research Spot); this bulletin gives Research News on the inflammatory diseases of the liver and biliary ducts. this publication is available in English and French.
It can be downloadded in the HTML following page:

September: participation to the AFEF meeting in Paris (AFEF= French Association for the Study of the Liver)

October -Information meeting for all the members on the 21st of October.
Conference the main themes of which are:
- State of the Art of treatments and research on the PBC, PSC and AIH diseases.
- Understand analysis reports on these disesases
- Round table on the liver transplantation
- Progress Report on the "Centre de Références des maladies inflammatoires du foie et des voies biliaires" ( National Reference Center of the inflamatory diseases of the liver and biliary ducts)

All the Albi association members will be invited

October ñ Members meeting on the 21st of October:
- statute modifications


"News Bulletin" release


Daniel Leburgue
albi secretary